Thursday, November 21st Game Recap

Mankato West at Mankato East

West’s 2 keys to victory from the preview? Sunshine Langworthy needed to score. Check. Goalie Sarah Olsen needed to be better than her .857 YTD SV%. Check. She was .913 last night. Well done. For West, I mean. Not for me. Okay. For me too.

West 4. East 2.

Shakopee at Holy Family

The winner of this game was going to be the team that would figure the other team’s goalie out. I thought it would be the Fire figuring out the opposing goaltender. I was wrong.

The goaltending for both teams into this matchup had been outstanding. Shots were dead even at 24s a piece in the game. But Shakopee’s Sidney Hearn was super good saving 23 shots. The Sabers’ Paige McNeil had two goals her second one an ENG to seal the victory. Olivia Grabianowski had 1 and 1.

Shakopee 4. HF 1.

Notable Performances

Prairie Center’s Kennedy Lemke probably felt like she had the night off only seeing 39 shots vs. Northern Lakes.

Grace Kuipers had 7 points and Sydney Langseth had 4 and 1 in EP’s 8-0 win over New Prague.

Northfield’s Maggie Malecha pitched a 28 save shutout in their W over Faribault.

Dani Burgen had 6 points and Jenna Lawry had 5 in Chisago’s 10-1 win over Hastings.

Maloney squared had 2 squared. Translation: Maloney sisters had 4 points combined. That’s what I was looking for the other night. Better late than never.

Red Wing got their first W of the year by scoring a touchdown and adding an extra point while holding Rochester John Marshall to just two field goals.

Wait. One last thing. I had to come back and edit this post because I forgot to point this out. Holy Angels first three games? 0-3. McGuire no goals. Last two games? 2-0 and Bridget has 5 goals. Keep shooting the puck McGuire. Your team depends on it.

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