Monday, November 26th Game Preview

Only two games on the night.  I’d be lying if I told you I knew anything about the 4 teams playing other than what I can gather off The Hub.  As Ben Affleck’s character in Boiler Room states so eloquently, “Act as if…” The rest is not suitable for print!  So I will “Act as if” I know what I am talking about.  Here we go…

New Ulm at Minnesota River

Follow my logic here.  New Ulm has a record of 2-3 but they have played a pretty strong schedule so far.  They have wins over Luverne and Waconia.  Luverne had been unbeaten in 3 games prior to running into New Ulm and had scored 18 goals in those three games.  New Ulm beat Luverne 4-1.  Luverne then turned around and beat Minnesota River 8-0.  So New Ulm beat Luverne.  Luverne trounced Minnsota River.  New Ulm plays Minnesota River.  

New Ulm beats Minnesota River 10-0. 

Windom at Mankato East

Windom is 0-2 on the year allowing 5.50 goals per game against.  Mankato East is 3-1 on the year averaging 5.00 goals per game.  Madison Davis has 11 points and Bri Adams has 9 on year for Mankato East.  

Mankato East wins this one by at least 6 goals and Madison and Bri pile them up. 

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