Saturday, November 17th Game Preview- Lazy Edition

38 games Saturday but I’m feeling a little lazy.  So here we go.

Hill Murray at Eden Prairie

Blinkhorn, Kaufman, Steigauf, and Franco will score more goals than Langeseth and Kuipers. Hill Murray has better and more experienced D in Greeder and Olson. 

Hill Murray 4.  Eden Prairie 1.

Breck at Proctor/Hermantown

It is going to be a three way battle for the top spot in Class A all season long.  Breck, P/H, and Warroad will be jockeying for the pole position.  This is a rematch from last year’s Class A semifinal game in which Breck won 6-0.  Breck is the defending champ but Proctor/Hermantown has improved dramatically.  

Proctor/Hermantown wins this one on their home sheet in what many will call an upset but I’m not so sure it really is. 

P/H with 5.  Breck with 3.

Wayzata at Blake

This one will be a track meet.  Wayzata has scored 23 goals in their first three yet have only allowed 3 goals.  I think they will allow double that season total to Blake.  Blake has some serious fire power up front with Delianides, Daniel, Burton, A. Wethington, and Tix.  Add to that the offensive skills of Maddie Wethington and they will score some goals.  Lots of them.

The Usual Suspects will be there for Wayzata but they can’t win them all.

Blake 6. Wayzata 4

It is too bad that Edina, Blake, and Wayzata are all in Section 6AA.  They are 3 of the 4 best teams in the state and it is a darn shame only one of them will advance to the state tournament.  

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