Tuesday, November 13th Recap- Jeopardy edition

Alex Trebek

Rosemount vs Farmington

Sota:  I will take “Minnesota High School Girls Hockey Goalies” for $1000, Alex.

Alex Trebek: She is the goalie for Rosemount who made 51 saves on 53 shots to give her team the 5-2 upset over Farmington last night.

Sota: Umm….Ummm…Shoot. I’m not sure Alex.

Alex Trebek:  Oh I’m sorry.  The correct answer is Brynn Kimel.

Yes, the Tuttle sisters combined for 5 points but the real story last night was Brynn Kimel.  Farmington outshot Rosemount 53-22 yet lost the game.  Brynn Kimel is the reason why.  I did not know who Brynn Kimel was yesterday.  I sure do today!  Nice job, Brynn.

Forest Lake vs Minnetonka

Sota:  I will take “Minnesota High School Girls Hockey Goalies” for $800, Alex.

AT: She is the “new” starting goalie for Forest Lake who, in one game, has made everyone forget about the “old” Forest Lake goalie who left to play for the boys.

Sota:  Who is Allyn Goehner?

AT:  That is correct.

Ashley Mills scored the tying goal with just 4:30 to play in the third and Rachel Golnitz scored the game winner with :01 on the clock to give Forest Lake the 3-2 victory on Minnetonka’s home sheet. But it was the stellar play of Allyn Goehner that allowed her team to be in the position to win. Allyn made 15 saves on 15 shots in the second period that was dominated by Minnetonka and 33 saves on 35 shots overall.  Tonka had 35 shots on net despite having to serve 6 penalties.

Hill Murray vs White Bear Lake

Sota:  I will take “Minnesota High School Girls Hockey Goalies” for $400, Alex.

AT:  She was on USA Hockey’s U18 National Team Gold Medal winning team in 2018 and made 40 saves on 43 shots on November 13th against Hill Murray.

Sota:  That’s an easy one, Alex.  Who is Calla Frank?

AT:  That is correct.

WBL was dominated by Hill last night.  Shots were 43-15 in favor of HM yet they only won 3-2. Frank kept her team in this one to the end.

Breck vs BSM

Ok I am out of Jeopardy goalie ideas. So we move on.  Olivia Mobley is good at hockey.  She had 4 goals in Breck’s win over BSM last night.  The score was 7-3 but the game was much closer than the score indicated.  Benilde scored a minute into the third to tie it at 3. Breck scored 4 unanswered goals to close out the period and the game. I suspect the last couple were empty netters. BSM outshot Breck 30-29.  Breck’s Carly Beniek had 4 points on 1 and 3.  The Lindsay sisters combined for 4 points.  And Allison Qualley had 1 and 1 for Breck.

Spring Lake Park vs Andover

I predicted Andover would win by at least 6.  They won by exactly 6.  Final was 8-2.  I said Andover might have another 50+ shot night in them.  They did.  54 to be exact. I said someone would have a hat trick.  No one did.  But…Hemp had 5 points, Nelson had 5 points, and Krause had 4. That line will be the top scoring line in the metro this year.

Notable Performances

Emily Bloemke had a hatty for Mankato West in the 5-2 win over Worthington

Maddie Mashuga with 1 and 2 in a 5-0 Anoka win over Irondale

Ramsey Parent of Blaine with 1 and 2 in 5-0 win over Armstong/Cooper

Madelyn Skelton with 3 and 1, Ashley Schintz with 1 and 3 and Rilee Winters with 3 assists in a Cambridge/Isanti win over Duluth 5-4.

Sadie Peart had 4 and 1, Maddie Drotts had 2 and 3 in GR/Greeway 10-2 win over Bemidji.

Brooke Lemke had 2 and 3 and Aubrey Griffin had a hatty in River Lakes 13-0 win over Morris/Benson

Kaitlyn Blair had 3 and 4 for New Prague in their 9-2 win over Red Wing

Madison McDonald had 4 goals for East Grand Forks in their win over Crookston

Addi Scriber had a hatty for East Ridge in their 6-1 victory over Hastings

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