Opening Night Game Previews & Predictions

Edina vs. Andover

What a great matchup to open the season!  The difference here will be Edina’s depth at forward and the ability of their D to keep Hemp/Nelson/Krause in check.  Edina can take advantage of the mismatch with their second and third lines.  Edina’s third F line has a D1 commit on it for crying out loud!

Edina wins 5-2 on Andover’s home ice.

Buffalo vs. Orono

Orono lost Lizzie Norton to graduation but Buffalo did not lose Jada Habisch.

Jada Habisch 3.  Orono 1.

St. Cloud vs. North Wright County

Can Brinna Martin and Anna LaRose shut down Gabbie Rud?  Bourgerie will get her shots.

NWC wins 4-2.

Brainerd/Little Falls vs. Willmar

Well….Willmar doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Brainerd/LF wins by a bunch.



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