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This brought me out of retirement. Don’t get used to it. I’ve been enjoying shuffleboard and early bird specials at Red Lobster. The Shrimp Feast is outstanding. Only $14.99.

I saw the MNHockey.TV rankings on Twitter today. Here they are:

This caught my eye. Enough for me to turn off Murder, She Wrote for 10 minutes. What I wanted to know is how many games each team on this list has played against other teams on this list. I took that, then figured out the record in those games, and the goal differential. Here is how that looks:

EDINA 9 games. 8-1. +22

ANDOVER 5 games. 5-0. +14

EP 10 games. 3-6-1. -8

Stillwater 3 games. 1-2. -8

Maple Grove 7 games. 2-4-1. -3

Holy Family 3 games. 1-2. -1

NWC 7 games. 2-5. -11

Minnetonka 10 games. 6-4. +4

Blake 4 games. 1-3. -10

Brainerd/Little Falls 4 games. 1-3. +1

Take this info and make your own Top 10. Please share. I am curious to see how everyone looks at this.

Would you like to know how Breck’s and Warroad’s numbers stack up against MNHockey.TV’s Top 10? You do? Okay, then. I will tell you.

Breck 7 games. 3-4. -1

Warroad 2 games. 0-1-1. -5

I really wanted to dig into it further and find the combined records of each of MNHockey.TV’s Top 10 team’s opponents, the goal differentials of each opponent, the strength of schedules, etc…but Matlock starts in 12 minutes. And that would take way longer than 12 minutes.

1 thought on “Rankings Rankle

  1. The obvious to me would be Minnetonka is the only other than the 1 and 2 , with a winning record and a plus in the +/-, it would look like they should clearly be number 3.


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