Saturday, November 16th Game Observations

Ahhh. I thought bear season was over?? Apparently not. Brainerd slaughtered Blake. 5-1. Didn’t see that one coming. The Warriors’ Gabbie Smith had 3 and 1. Lindsey Booth is clearly healthy. She had 2 goals.

Maple Grove beat NWC 6-1. Didn’t see that one coming, either.

Memphis Mertens had 2 goals for Roseau in their 3-1 win over LVN. That’s another good name. If hockey doesn’t work out she could be a blues guitarist.

Camridge-Isanti loses Madelyn Skelton AND Rilee Winters to transfer. And is still averaging 5 GPG.

Last year in their first year as a stand alone program Waconia won 2 games. They are 3-1 to start the season.

At this point last year Minnetonka was 1-3. They are 4-0 this year. One player, Lacey Martin, has more goals (10) this year at this point than the whole team did (9) in the first 4 games last year. As a team they have scored 32 goals in 4 games. And have only given up 4.

Proctor/Hermantown is 1-3. Wouldn’t have thought that.

LVS beat Farmington. That is a bit of an upset. Lindsay Maloney/RIT, Iona Welsch, Ryann Wright, Taylor Otremba, and Madison McKinney each had 2 pts.

Eastview upset SSP. Eastview is 4-0. Avery Chesek has 7 goals. She’s just a sophomore. Mikayla Kelley has 6 points.

Prairie Center’s Kennedy Lemke saw 56 more shots on Saturday night. She has seen 231 shots in 5 games.

Lourdes’ Sarah Dravis scored 1 goal Saturday night. She 10 goals in 4 games.

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