2019-2020 Season Preview- A Edition


Won their state semifinal game by 10 goals. Olivia Mobley. 4 Gopher commits. Merrimack commit. Blah Blah Blah. It’s silly they compete at 1A.


The Warriors have some distinct advantages over other 1A public school competition. And because of that you might be able to make an argument that it is silly that they compete at 1A, too. But the fact is they turn out really good teams year after year. This season will not be any different.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the 1A teams they are all playing for 3rd place. A DISTANT 3rd place. Mound Westonka. Proctor Hermantown. Lourdes. Fergus Falls. East Grand Forks. South St. Paul, etc…will all be in the top 10 but really it won’t matter. It will come down to two teams. AGAIN. Yawn.

There. That’s it. Easiest blog post ever.

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