Maddy Peterson- 10 point night

I wanted to point out that Maddy Peterson of Princeton had a 10 point night on December 27th in the Holiday Classic vs. CPET Canadiennes. The Tigers had 11 goals and Maddy scored 5 of them and assisted on 5 of them.

To put that in perspective there have only been two games in the 25 year history of girls high school hockey where there have been more points scored in a single game. Krissy Wendell had 11 points for Park Center in a game vs. Blake in 1998 and Shelby Venkeer of Windom had 11 points in a game vs. Redwood Valley in 2010. There has never been a 10 point game until now. Maddy now holds second place in the record books all by herself.

Maddy is a 2019 grad and is committed to RPI.

Congrats, Maddy!!

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