High School Hockey Forum

Shortly after starting this blog I registered to get a handle on the High School Hockey Forum so I could hop in on some of the threads on there. Maybe add some things, get involved in the dialogue (lots of great insight and takes on there), and generate some additional momentum for this blog, selfishly. So I registered (using my sotagirlshockey email naively) and then am told that I have to wait for approval from a moderator before I am granted approval for the account and access to the forum.

I waited for a few days. Then waited some more. And then some more. I was patiently waiting. AND THEN……and then I realized that the moderator of the High School Hockey Forum is a guy that is affiliated with Youth Hockey Hub. A fella that goes by karl (east).

God forbid he grant access to a person that is “competing” with YHH! So I have resigned myself to the fact that the access to the High School Hockey Forum will never come. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “High School Hockey Forum

  1. I registered for that forum and was never approved. And I don’t have a competing blog.


    1. Perhaps I am looking into it too deeply….


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