Thank You for Reading!

A huge thank you to everyone that has checked in on the site so far.  It is important to me, to the girls that play, the youngsters coming up, and the game of girls hockey in general that we do our best to make coverage of Girls Hockey in Minnesota a priority. Our girls deserve it!

It is super frustrating to see the extensive coverage given to the Boys High School Elite League, for example, and then see the Girls High School Elite League not getting ANY coverage much less equal coverage.  The endless tweets and promotion of the boys and their league with stats, player profiles, pictures, etc…should be done for the Girls Elite League as well.  The fact that it is not is highly disappointing.  There are other media platforms where the girls and the girls’ game is an afterthought.  Our girls have worked really hard to become the best they can be and they deserve to be recognized for it.

The scale and quality of girls hockey in Minnesota has reached a point where we need to take it up a notch…..or 5 in growing and promoting the game.   Let’s keep the momentum going!  Please help me promote our girls and their teams by sharing this site with others, by submitting ideas for content, or by sending comments, suggestions, feedback, etc…


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