Saturday, November 10th Game Preview & Prediction

Blake vs CDH

Blake is going to score goals.  Izzy Daniel, Lily Delianides, Addie Burton, Audrey Wethington, Maddie Wethington, Maddie Tix- pick your poison.  If CDH is going to hang in this one Emily King and Keira Ryan are going to have to be engaged and play with some intensity.  Cece Zeigler is going to earn her paycheck Saturday.

Blake 5.  CDH 2.

Breck vs Centennial

Breck won the Class A State Championship last year.  They lost Gabby Billings and her 29 points to graduation.  Centennial played in the Class AA State Championship game last season.  They lost Gabbie Hughes and Annika Linser and their 132 points to graduation.  Breck easily replaces that production.  I don’t see how Centennial even comes close to replacing HALF of that production.

Breck wins 4-1

Eden Prairie vs Lakeville South

Eden Prairie has some glaring holes.  No more Hengler and her 45 minutes per game and cannon from the blue line.  No more Dobchuck.  Her Let’s Play Hockey Senior Goalie of the Year trophy is collecting dust on her parent’s mantle.  But they do still have Sydney Langseth. And she’s dangerous. She will win games all by herself.  Throw in some Grace Kuipers and you have an offense that will score some goals.

Can Lindsay Maloney  and Libery Fettig take advantage of Eden Prairie’s rookie goalie and inexperienced D?

EP 3.  Lakeville South 2.



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